It's likely because nobody has done this before

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Evidence (RSOFQF 13-14-745-602795455, Mod MG QA) It's possible that no one has yet been able guess this new ability. It's likely because nobody has done this before. (About ThirdScape). It's an exciting job that nobody has ever done it before, this before, so we're keeping this one in RuneScape Gold mind. Specific Assumptions- Extrapolating existing information which may not be relevant to the new ability

Jagex trademarks Never Ending (Infinite Dungeon) or Dungeon Master are likely to refer to this new skill. The evidence suggests that these trademarks were filed in March 2009 just before ThirdScape announced their decision to cancel them in May 2009. Mod Korpz was asked if those two were related to FunOrb and replied "Not to my knowledge, in truth I don't know why these are trade marked".

RuneScape players' accounts were stolen via phishing websites that tricked unsuspecting players into providing their login credentials. Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard said, "Account theft and the misuse of phishing web sites is a problem facing every industry of online gaming and Jagex maintains an expert team to tackle any illegal activity in the games we play."

"Where there is evidence that suggests someone has committed a crime, as is clearly the case with any phishing attack or hijacking attack, we collaborate with law enforcement agencies across the world to bring these people to account."

Gerhard added, "Our first and foremost priority is to protect the community of players due to the high value that players place upon their unique accounts." Players invest a lot of 2007 RS Items energy and effort into their RuneScape accounts, therefore the loss or theft of the RuneScape Account should not be viewed as theft.