This is a great score! It could be even better

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Kittle, who is the most obvious second-best TE Kittle, and Waller who took part in two awful games with the Raiders are the top three. Super Bowl champion Rob Gronkowski is, in particular, the seventh-ranked tight end, with an 86, while Dallas Goedert's 84 is the highest of Mut 22 Coins the top 10.

Kansas City Chiefs star Tyreek Hill is omitted from Madden ratings.Tyreek Hill has a pretty excellent score in Madden 22, however, the Kansas City Chiefs star could get a higher rating.

There aren't many wide receivers in the NFL that are as good as Tyreek Hill has been for the Kansas City Chiefs. The electric wide receiver frequently appears in plays that surprise the fans and shock opponents' defensive backs.

Hill with a height of 5-10 inches tall and weighs 185 pounds isn't an enormous possibility. But, Hill is an extremely agile player that can score in almost any game.Hill is consistently among the most prolific wide receivers in the NFL week in and out, but despite that, he wasn't awarded a 99 overall rating by the team at EA Sports for the upcoming Madden 22.

Hill was awarded an overall rating of 98, even when he was close to Mut Coins Cheap receiving a 99 overall score. This is a great score! It could be even better.