Leveling up Skinning and Farming Leather in the classic Burning Crusade game is a simple process

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How many of each item will I require?Because these are performed in conjunction with one another, there is no definitive answer

How many of each item will I require?

Because these are performed in conjunction with one another, there is no definitive answer. A number of factors influence this, including how many Aldor quests you complete and what combinations of turn-ins you are able to obtain from your farming efforts.

A total of 9,000 reputation is required to progress from Neutral to Honored status. This will require a total of 360 Mark of Kil'jaeden (36 10-item turn-ins), which is the maximum amount possible. To begin at Friendly, if you are a Draenei, you will only require 240 turns in (24 turn-ins). You have time to work on it until you reach a high enough level to be eligible for the Aldor quests.

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(Because humans receive a 10% bonus to their rep gains through Diplomacy, their numbers will be lower than those of other races.)



Aldor Reputation Items can be obtained through farming in the Burning Crusade Classic.

This section will be primarily concerned with farming the three items that the majority of players will require in order to progress from Neutral to Exalted with The Aldor. Please see the section below on farming Dreadfang Venom Sacs for information on what to farm when switching from Scryer to Aldor, or how to bridge the gap between old Blood Elf Aldor and new Blood Elf Aldor.

There are many more mobs that drop various items than those listed here, and there are many more of them. This guide focuses on camps that have a greater than 30% drop rate on the item that is being sought after.

Farming Marks of Kil'jaeden in the classic Burning Crusade video game

Cabal and Kil'sorrow mobs, as well as a small number of demons, were used in the farming process.
Terokkar Forest and Nagrand National Park are the best outdoor zones.
The Shadow Labyrinth and The Arcatraz are the best dungeons in the game.
Drop Rate: Approximately 40%
Notes: This item has a small chance of dropping from lower-level demons.
There are two major camps that you should consider visiting if you want to do a lot of Mark of Kil'jaeden farming.

The various Cabal humanoids located just north or northwest of Auchindoun, in the Bone Wastes of Terokkar Forest, are the best farm for drop percentage, according to the data. The average drop rate for Mark of Kil'jaeden from these mobs ranges between 40 and 45% per encounter. From the lowest to the highest average drop rate, these mobs are as follows: Cabal Initiate, Cabal Tomb-Raider, Cabal Spell-weaver, Cabal Abjurist, Cabal Skirmisher, and Cabal Abjurist. The difficulty of these mobs ranges from 62 to 64.

The Kil'sorrow Fortress, located in the southeastern region of Nagrand, is the next best farm for Mark of Kil'jaeden. These Cabals are a little higher level than the Terokkar Cabals, and the average drop rate for Marks is about the same as with them. The Kil'sorrow Cultist, Kil'sorrow Deathsworn, and Kil'sorrow Spellbinder are the mobs you'll be concentrating on in this area.

There are two demon camps along the western ridge, Forge Camp Hate and Forge Camp Fear, but these are less productive and more dangerous than the others in terms of production. These camps also have elites who roam the countryside, making them a more difficult camp to manage. The mobs in this area have a lower drop rate for Mark of Kil'jaeden, with a rate in the mid-30% range. You should consider it as a possibility if you are capable of taking on the elites and the other camps are already full.

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