Path of Exile 2 Trailer Breakdown: Reworked Features

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Grinding Gear Games recently released another more in-depth Path of Exile 2, which looks very good.

Grinding Gear Games recently released another more in-depth Path of Exile 2, which looks very good. There are already many differences between Path of Exile 2 and the previous chapter in the series. If you feel unable to start, it doesn't matter, you can buy POE Currency to get help.

The trailer contains breathtaking new scenes, both gameplay and cutscenes or scenes where the developer moves the camera to frame the scene. Most of the scenes include gameplay in a brand new area, which seems to be similar to the Vastyli Desert in Path of Exile 1. The narrator tells a corrupt story in which an ancient evil wakes up in the sand. This may be the first act of Path of Exile.

The trailer for Path of Exile 2 first shows the ancient door with an elephant, a big tree and some reliefs of playing musical instruments. This may be an oasis, or it may be a way to tell fans that there was life in the past, but corruption ends it. The next scene is a humanoid looking at a convoy of primitive caterpillars dragged by a group of beasts like dinosaurs from the wall of the fortress.

These weapons have two new weapons that have been expected for a long time, namely the javelin and the cross. Both weapons show unprecedented Path of Exile 2 skills. These skills may be unique to these weapon types, and POE Currency will help you build these weapons. The Javelin seems to be playable with the shield, and the skills related to the Javelin look like a piercing small cone AoE attack. The skills related to them launch icy projectiles into the air, land on the enemy, and spread the cold ground while freezing them.

Path of Exile 2 looks promising in terms of the improvement of the first game and a smoother and more beautiful gameplay. Further details may appear in 2021, and the beta version is expected to start in 2022. But please don't give up the current league, the best way is to POE Currency Buy to make your current league more complete.